April 08, 2008

Travel in Style

Do you love to travel? We definitely do. I could forego the latest and greatest cellphone in the market and exchange it for a plane ticket anywhere. We've traveled a lot as a family and lately we've resorted to just packing our stuff in balikbayan boxes instead of real luggages just because we bring along so much stuff that isn't ours that have to be delivered to family and friends. Aside from that, our old suitcases have seen better days and they are literally falling off the handle. I have yet to find the perfect sturdy yet light and easy to maneuver suitcase for our short trips. We have a scheduled trip in October and  I've been looking around for suitcases and I must say, the pieces from Briggs and Riley look really sturdy and yet elegant. I think I'll have hubby take a look at it himself, after all he does all the carrying anyway. ;) Here's a photo I took on the plane on our way to Legazpi, Albay last year. I can't wait till October comes.... woohooo!