April 07, 2008

Mini Mini Meme Mo

I'm not really sure how a meme works... I'm still a bit slow on that one. So I figured maybe I could make one. No harm in trying, if you hate it, I'm a big girl (sob...sniffle) I can take it (sniffle, sniffle), but if you like it...hey, go ahead and use it. I really, honestly, truly won't mind at all (basta pabasa din ha.) :) So here goes my Mini Mini Meme Mo school break:

1. cattleya or mead?

2. hi socks or ankle socks?

3. mechanical pencil or mongol?

4. bic pens or pilot pens?

5. crayola or faber castell?

6. written diary or multiply blog?

7. bilyaran or TimeZone?

8. sago't gulaman, fishballs and banana Q or green iced tea, fish and chips and banoffee?

9. tricycle or FX/van?

10. High School life (Sharon C.) or Salamat (the Dawn)?

So when did you graduate? I tag anyone who reads this... (kunyari alam ko what I'm doing... he he he). :)