March 10, 2008

Pinoy Paypal atbp.

To get your approved Unionbank EON cyber account VISA Electron card that you applied for online you need to bring the following:
  • As of January 20, 2003, the first year annual fee for EON Visa Electron cards is no longer waived. The annual fee of P350.00 must be paid when you pick up your EON Visa Electron card.
  • In order for us to release your EON Visa Electron card,
  • You must have at least one (1) of these:
    • Current Driver's License,
    • Valid Passport,
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID,
    • Major Credit Cards,
    • Permit to Carry Firearms
  • OR at least two (2) of these:
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card,
    • Social Security System (SSS)/Government Service Insurance System Card,
    • Current Company ID,
    • Postal ID,
    • Current School ID (for students only)
I didn't have any valid ID to show because having been out of employment since getting married and my passport had already expired and still had to be renewed  I had to apply for a Postal ID to get my card.
So I got that and submitted the above, I was asked to fill up bank forms and signature cards for their file and charged P350.00 for the annual fee. This does not include the approx P200.00 that you need to deposit  in anticipation of the $1.96 Paypal charge necessary to activate your account. So before you leave make sure that you deposit that amount, I forgot so I had to go back the next day. It was such a hassle because I had to come all the way from Laguna just to do that. Since I submitted my application during the weekend (Unionbank ATC is open even during weekends) my account still has to be processed. So I still have to wait a few more days before calling them again to get my EXPUse number. Hopefully, 

These are the requirements for applying for a Philippine Postal ID as listed at the Philippine Information Agency website:
  • original copy of birth certificate by NSO or from the Local Civil Registrar (LCR); 
  •  valid NBI clearance or 
  • certification from the Barangay Captain that applicant is a bonafide resident of the Barangay together with photocopy of the valid identification card of the Barangay Captain; 
  • if student, certification from the Principal or School Registrar, together with photocopy of the valid identification card of the Principal or School Registrar;
  • If employed, certification from the employer with the employer's valid identification card; 
  • if married, marriage contract issued by the NSO or LCR; 
  • for applicants of legal age latest Community Tax Certificate
  • if one applies at Post Offices without photo services 3 pcs colored photo (1 ½" x 2")
  • for applicants without birth certificate; certification of no record from LCR or negative certification from NSO plus any of 2 of the following requirements: baptismal certificate, permanent Elementary School Record 137-E, marriage contract of parents issued by LCR (if single) marriage contract of applicant (if married) or certificate of Live Birth duly signed and properly filled up.
  • Clients will now pay the following fees: PID Fee- 175.00; Photo ID (for Post Offices with photo services) 65.00; lamination fee – 15.00 and delivery fee 18.00 and the additional fees for RUSH and HOME/PERSONALIZE SERVICE.
These requirements may seem a lot but I think it varies depending on the local government unit that services your area. For Sta. Rosa Laguna, these were the only requirements they asked from me:
  • Community Tax Certificate (P10.00 since I am not presently employed/cedula will be returned by postal office)
  • Certification from your Village/Subdivision as proof of residence (P20.00/for barangay clearance application;barangay office will keep this) 
  • Original Barangay clearance certified and signed by the barangay Captain (P20.00/postal office will keep this)
  • Postal ID application (upon completion needs to be signed by any barangay official/tpostal office will keep this)
  • 2 pcs pictures (the application says 2x2 but it will be trimmed to 1 1/2"x2" on your id)
  • Postal ID Fee (P175.00)
  • Lamination,documentary stamps  and notarial fees (P120.00 )
  • One day processing (next day pick up)
To apply for a renewal of a  Philippine Passport you will need :
  • Passport application form (front and back downloadable from here )
  • For Green Passport or issued after 01 May 1995 
Present passport 
Photocopy of inside and back cover. 
Photocopy of the pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
3 pcs passport size pictures with royal blue background
NSO Certified Marriage contract (for married women)
For complete list of requirements you can visit the DFA website