January 16, 2008

Something old, something new

We just got back recently from our trip to Davao where we spent the holidays with my IL's. It was a much needed break from the busy city life. We had a chance to go to hubby's property in Maragusan right next to the amazing Tagbibinta Falls (pics to follow in future blogs). Overall, it was a great trip and the only casualty was my waistline. (lol) Thank God for prayer and fasting week!

Since we've been away for quite a while when we got back I had a lot of cleaning and catching up to do with chores and bills and since we didn't have any internet access there, I had tons of emails to go through and I decided to update this little bloggie a bit. It still looks a bit like the old but with a bit more room to streamline my stuff.

Here's one of the shots at the falls I took with our OLY:


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