July 09, 2007

Meta tags anyone?

If I could meta tag the thousands of words spoken in our household each day, these would be my all time favorites:

MAMA, i love you, big hug, huggie break, kissie break, don't go, i want you to stay, queenie poo, a hoo hoo hoo wee, furry shirt, i'm sorry, best mom in the whole wide world, my favorite son, my favorite daughter, fancy hotel, it's EAT o'cloooock!, kewya, Skyboy and Grr girl, i miss you so much, let's dance, please, daddy's home, i wish you'd live to a hundred years old, i forgive you, tagaytay, lolo, tv break, don't leave me, SURPRISE!, captain jack sparrow, kiss me, TUMMY, in your heart, GOD

what about in your house?


Rache said...

lol. this is cute. a hoo hoo hoo wee!!! that's also heard much in our house plus... mommy, daddy can we sleep in your room, turn of the lights, let's pray, mommy help, daddy kiss, finish your food, how was your day, praise God, am i fat? (lol), i love my parents and an echoing plankton version of forever, forever, forever - then *evil laugh* hahaha.