July 08, 2010

Golden Age

My sister and I had the chance to bond over shabu-shabu a week ago. We went around Trinoma for a while but there  were so many people in the mall. I realized it was the day of P.Noy's inauguration plus it was the opening day of Eclipse so the malls were jam packed. We decided to move to The Block were there were less people and it was more conducive to chit chat. We met up with my brother, who was a bit late because he had a bad migraine earlier that day. He's almost at that "golden" age so we badgered him about taking care of his health. Healthy food, the best vitamins and lots of exercise equals long life. Ergo, we ate "healthy" that night at a shabu-shabu restaurant. It was their first time to experience something like that and it was a lot of fun watching them enjoy cooking their own food. Hopefully, we'll have more bonding times in the future.