May 06, 2010

A Decision Matrix for the next Philippine President

Choosing the next President of the Philippines is not like making a selection from a bunch of wrinkle creams. It takes a serious thought process to complete this. I took the criteria for selecting a king in Deut 17:14-20 and put into a decision matrix w/ 6 columns. I left out scoring the column on being chosen by God as this is something every individual should seek the answer from his Maker. The first column on horses reflects the military or authoritarian tendencies of the candidate. The "women" column reflects pleasure tendencies while the "wealth" column is self explanatory. The last column captures the inclinations to exalt the word of God as a source of guidance in times of crisis of decision. I put a 0 if don't have any info available. Pluses and minuses from 1 to 3 depending on the perceived inclination of the candidate. The last column is the algebraic sum of all scores, resulting in an overall score for the candidate.

So here's my matrix:

Candidate Chosen by God? Will not accumulate “horses”? Will not accumulate “women”? Will not accumulate wealth? Will seek the Word of God Summary
Dick Gordon
- + 0 0 0
Eddie Villanueva
+ +++ +++ +++ 10
Erap Estrada
0 --- --- 0 -6
Gibo Teodoro
0 + - 0 0
Manny Villar
0 + --- 0 -2
Noynoy Aquino
+++ + +++ + 8

You may not agree with the scoring I made, but the point is that we have to go through a similar process in selecting our candidates.