August 06, 2009

How to get rid of flabby thighs

I recently did an experiment on my flabby arms and did some simple exercises to firm them up an so far so good. (Here's a link to the post : get rid of flabby arms) I can finally see a little muscle definition again although I still have to be faithful in doing my routine. I didn't use any weight loss supplement but I did tone down on the soda and the junk food. Now that I have a little momentum going on I'm targeting my flabby thighs next. :) I have a little routine I do to work on my inner thighs that you might want to try as well. It's a simple step but it's the repetition that counts. I do this while reading or watching the news minus the munching on the junk food. LOL
  • Lie down on your side with knees bent like in an inverted L position with feet touching each other. Lift up the knee that's on top of the other knee as high as you can. Keep the feet together while lifting the knee. Do the same on the other side.
Of course you would always want to consult with your physician whenever starting a new exercise routine just to make sure.