August 17, 2009

Childhood wishful thinking

Ever had one of those impossible wishes when you were a child? I loved watching Little House on the Prairie back then and I often felt I was like 'half-pint'(Laura Ingalls) in a lot of ways. My dad would sometimes refer to me that way. I liked her adventurous, spunky spirit and her special relationship with her "Paw". I often imagined what it would be like living in the country and having a horse of my own. Of course that was just wishful thinking because there was no way I could fit a horse in our house back then much less store all the horse supplies and all that. We'd be living in the street while the horse had the house all to herself. LOL Anyway, I miss Little House on the Prairie. I wish they would show it again here. I'd love for the kids to watch what I watched while I was growing up... Oh well, I think I'll just look for the DVD version so we can have our own copy.