July 09, 2009

Back to ballet

"Once a dancer, always a dancer" I always say. I taught my first official ballet class today after more than ten years of being out of the dance studio because the hubby has been sick the past few days. I sub'd for him. Having stopped for many years has taken its toll on me. I'm not as agile as I used to be not to mention not as light as well. hahaha Maybe I need to check out 'apidexin' to see if it will solve the "lightness" issue. But if you have that "gotta dance" genes flowing thru your veins, the desire to dance just doesn't go away. It just hibernates for a while but it's always there. Our defunct dance ministry group got another invite to dance in a couple of weeks and although most of us have taken on a "mommy" shape already, it is feels so good to know that it's not about the outside form that matters when you are doing it for God. It's an issue of what's in the heart and God's eyes roam to and fro seeking those whose hearts are turned towards Him. My prayer is that when He sees my heart He will find what He is seeking for.

Have a wonderful week, folks!