May 21, 2009

It's KRIS ALLEN!!!! - the GOKEY factor

The greatest upset (?) in Idol history after more than 100 million votes! KRIS ALLEN is the new American Idol!!!!!! I have no doubt in my mind that both Adam and Kris are extremely talented artists but I think what came into play here is the Gokey factor. Fans of Danny Gokey probably rallied behind Kris and gave him the more than enough boost he needed to win the title. I'm a Gokey fan but I have to admit that an Allen-Lambert face off would have been much more interesting. And so it was. Kris has this amazing ability (God-given, IMHO) to stir up one's soul. Adam, on the other hand, is a catalyst, challenging the status quo and raising the artistic bar each and every performance. Either way, both have proven themselves worthy of the top 2. The results show was good with some memorable performances from veteran artists. I was quite surprised to see KISS perform. I kept looking for Gene Simmons after watching him in Celebrity Apprentice to see how he looked in those high-heeled stripper shoes. Overall, the show was an adrenalin rush you could pass off as a fat burner supplement. LOL Congratulations, Kris Allen and all Season 8 finalists. Best AI season yet!!!!!