April 04, 2009


As I was driving on the way to do an errand this afternoon, I found myself listening to a track of music for five times. I was analyzing this track and envisioning movement. About 13 years ago, I left the world of dance to pursue a "real" job. After years of toiling in factories and offices, I find myself taking my dancing shoes out of self storage.

Why? In life, there are things that are just part of your DNA that you just can't shake. I really can't remember when I first danced. All I recall is the frequent, sporadic cha-cha and rhumba with my mom. Later I learned to break, strut, and lock. I even learned some jazz, folk and tap. Ballet came after I got the college hurdle aside. It was my expression of worship to God. In this realm I could pour my heart out even without words. Here I heard the call to restore " David's fallen tent".

As years went by, social duties and other personal interests pushed me to pursue another career. In that season I believe that I fulfilled what I needed to fulfill. I had my fun ...my trophies...but the call for "David's tent" remained unanswered. A lingering emptiness was a recurrent companion over the years. As situations in my life unfolded, I am now confronted with the call...A generation of worshippers to be tapped and unleashed...I will answer it...I will not delay...I will do my part to rebuild "David's tent".