April 17, 2008

Be Defensive

... especially when driving. Hubby got into an accident on his way to work around two weeks ago in SLEX. He got sideswiped by a truck (of course, the truck ignored him as if nothing happened) and out of a knee jerk reaction he went after the truck and banged the side. In the process, he hit a van in front of him and dented the guy's bumper. Since they were both on their way to work, he just gave the driver of the van his contact number and driver's license details. After which he called me immediately after telling me that the guy estimated the cost at around P27,000.00. The first thing that popped to my mind was "Oh no, our car insurance!" We recently renewed our insurance  and  hadn't settled it yet so I wasn't sure if the contract was already valid. Of course, on the other hand, I didn't believe that it would cost that much to repair the van  based on hubby's description of the damage. 

Hubby and I just prayed that God would help us to reach a reasonable settlement and to provide us with the funds to pay for the repairs. We agreed on the amount that we could afford and trusted God for the rest. Thank God, the guy called us back and lowered his price (the exact amount we believed God for), his reason being, it was also possible that he could be in our shoes and he wanted to be given a fair chance as well. Hallelujah! Our Divine Insurance pulled thru for us! Thank you God! 

So friends, keep your cool, be defensive and drive safely!


tahn said...

I agree. You really should be dfensive while driving