July 10, 2007

Hello, are you there?

Ever since I got hooked on digi scrapping my nocturnal tendencies got worse. I've been staying up later and later into the night hence I wake up so late the next day. Since we are a homeschooling family, we prepare the next day's lesson for our son and leave it on his study table for him to work on when he gets up. He has a set list of things to do all numbered out for him like wake up, fix bed, read bible, eat breakfast, brush teeth, change clothes and finally start school which is another list altogether. (Thank God, he knows how to read on his own.)

One homeschool day, dd and I woke up late and were still playing around in bed upstairs when my cellphone rings. It was our home number! DS was calling me from downstairs ... I knew he had a question about schoolwork and wise little guy didn't want to come up to ask the question himself. DD said, "who's calling Mama?". "It's Kuya.", I said with a smile still not answering the phone. "why don't you call kuya, Aemu?", I meant for her to just call him from the top of the stairs and tell him to come up. What she did next sent me laughing next to tears. She turned to my phone and said, "Kewya? Kewyaaa! Kewyaaaaaaa! He's not answering, Mama." lol


jennyL said...

hhahaha this is funny Teys, mga bata talaga minsan they are silly but cute...O scrapping addict ka na nga talaga..